HRW sees worrying threats to Carvajal and opponents

Human Rights Watch executive director José Miguel Vivanco expressed concern about the public threats against the President of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights (Apdhb), Amparo Carvajal, and opposition politicians. The government ministry assures that the Wila Lluch’us group is a non-existent group.

“Bolivia: The threats published on social networks to set fire to the house of Amparo Carvajal, the @APDHLP_LaPaz, and to burn opposition politicians. The government of @LuchoXBolivia must guarantee the safety of these people and their homes, ”he said on his social network.

The reaction was sparked shortly after a group called Willa Lluch’us Warrior Army threatened in two videos that they would burn Carvajal’s home and the headquarters of the Permanent Human Rights Assembly to reject the position of the activist taken by former President Jeanine Áñez over the “Coup d’état” imprisoned in Miraflores prison is defending himself at liberty.

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The same organization released another video at the end of August saying it is coordinating with the departments and pushing for these opposition leaders to be “captured” and “burned” in order to “avenge” Túpac Katari, who has been dismembered. “We have to act like this,” they are heard.

However, government minister Eduardo Del Castillo pointed out that the Wila Lluch’us group that launched these threats did not exist and that the video was armed.

“We have been investigating and this organization does not exist, it does not exist on the state territory, so after preliminary investigations we have been able to determine that this video is armed to create some kind of political effect,” said Del Castillo explained.

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MAS President Evo Morales also made it clear on Monday that this group was not part of the political instrument.

However, according to their Facebook account, this irregular organization posted several photos of the MAS campaigning during the sub-national elections. There’s even a photo circulating on its main speaker’s social networks, which can be seen in a photo with President Luis Arce and Vice President David Choquehuanca.


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