HRW: GIEI report proves submission of the judiciary to the government of the day

Human Rights Watch (HRW) director for America, José Miguel Vivanco, described the work of GIEI-Bolivia as “excellent” because it provides “compelling evidence of the subordination of the judiciary to the government of the day” Bolivia.

“The excellent GIEI-Bolivia report provides conclusive evidence of the submission of the judicial system to the government of the day and the very grave human rights violations during the 2019 protests, including summary executions and torture during the government of Áñez,” Vivanco said on his account by Twitter.

Vivanco noted that it is “imperative that Bolivian prosecutors wake up from their swamp and investigate with care and impartiality” the events that killed 37 people during the September and December 2019 protests.

Another point he highlighted is that the report “removes once and for all the Áñez government’s insane version of the protesters killing each other in Sacaba and Senkata, where 20 people were massacred. The GIEI-Bolivia accuses the security forces of summary executions ”.

Vivanco indicated the need for a serious, impartial and prompt investigation into “illegal arrests, systematic torture of detainees, sexual assault and a pattern of arbitrariness by the police” documented by GIEI in El Alto.

He added that the group had also “documented very serious attacks against protesters against Evo Morales in Vila Vila and Playa Verde. HRW interviewed 14 witnesses and victims of these attacks. The GIEI-Bolivia pointed out that there was a participation and responsibility of the government of Evo Morales.

“The GIEI-Bolivia report must be taken seriously. The public prosecutor’s office must investigate human rights violations impartially, regardless of the political opinion of the victims, and prosecute those responsible. And reform is essential to give the judicial system independence, ”he said.

“The GIEI-Bolivia confirms HRW’s conclusions: the impermanence of the vast majority of judges and prosecutors exposes them to political pressure and the arbitrary use of terrorism and sedition allegations, crimes that are openly defined in the law,” he said. .


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