The “historical” leaders of the national trade union movement called for former President Evo Morales to be brought to justice for human rights violations.

“’If there is no justice, there will only be more victims and oppressors’, with this sentence the historical leaders of COB, Csutcb, COR, Fejuve and emblematic experts demand that Evo Morales be suspended along with Jeanine Áñez over a trial the violation of human rights in the country, ”said Roberto de la Cruz, a former COR of El Alto manager and Aymara lawyer, on Facebook.

In a statement posted on social media, the former leaders pointed out that “there are elements of evidence such as the GIEI report, which shows that human rights were violated in Bolivia from September to December 2019, in support of the allegations made by the two ex-presidents. Periods spanning the two terms of office of Evo Morales and Jeanine Áñez, respectively.

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The leaders also decided to “support the indigenous march in the lowlands of the country which, among other things, calls for the non-politicization of the delivery of land in eastern Bolivia”.

Among the former leaders who support the declaration are: Adolfo Chávez (Cidob), Roberto de la Cruz (COR), Félix Santos (Csutcb), Jaime Solares (COB), Cansio Rojas (Conamac), Roberto Coraite (Csutcb) and Ángel Villca (Fejuve) and Edgar Morales (NCO in reserve).

As far as the GIEI report was known, the opposition requested that Evo Morales be brought to trial, but Justice Minister Iván Lima confirmed that there were no charges against the MAS chief.

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In contrast, the former MAS MP Lidia Patty filed several cases against Jeanine Áñez, who is serving more than 5 months in preventive detention because of the alleged “coup d’état”.


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