Heavy transports continue mobilizations and blockades;  join passive military service

The Cochabamba Chamber of Heavy Transport continues this Friday protests to repeal Law 1386 on the National Strategy to Combat the Legitimacy of Illegal Profits and block the road to the west at Huayculi. Meanwhile, passive soldiers marched in the city center against the laws obeyed by the population.

There are five days of protests in the department today after unions and national transport companies called for an indefinite strike backed by the citizens.

A police presence guarded the blockade zone in front of the vans, which had blocked both streets with tires and stones after a march.

Likewise, the military marched on passive duty in the El Prado area, accompanied by the Citizens Committee and the Conade, demanding the freedom of political prisoners, the return of two-thirds to the legislature and contributing to the rejection of the observed “legislative package”. by the population, including the Federal Armed Forces Promotion Act.

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For this afternoon, the national expansion of the union sector has been confirmed in order to fix a position ahead of the government’s call for dialogue this Saturday.


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