Heavy haulage blocks revenue to Sucre

The Chuquisaca Heavy Transport this Monday installed lockpoints in the four entrances to the city of Sucre, demanding that the repeal of Law 1386 on the strategy to combat the legitimation of illegal profits be respected.

The President of the Chuquisaca Heavy Transportation Unit, José Luis Arandia, told Correo del Sur that the details of the pressure measures were finalized at a meeting of leaders on Sunday afternoon. “We met today (yesterday) and decided to do what our extension told us to do,” he said.

The blockade was only installed at the city exits, but traffic within the capital is normal.

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Arandia emphasized that the suspension of heavy haulage with blockages of the entrances or exits from Sucre has the character of an indefinite period and the demand focuses on the repeal of an entire legislative package and not just on the repeal of the already compromised Law 1386. by President Luis Arce, Saturday night.


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