Health simplifies the steps to process sick leave in the boxes

The Ministry of Health reported this Friday that a new protocol for processing medical leave from work in the health insurance companies will be used.

According to the information, people diagnosed with Covid-19 should not repeat the test in their health insurance company, as they will receive a seven-day sick leave if they present the document with a positive result, said Health Minister Jeyson Auza. reported this Friday. .

“People who are diagnosed for COVID-19 at the diagnostic centers at this time do not necessarily have to repeat the test with their governing body or their fund, but they will present this positive test to the human resources department of the company or institution in which they work so that from there they proceed with the appropriate procedure to assign them seven days of sick leave,” Auza said at a news conference.

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The orders were issued by the Short-Term Social Security Authority (ASUSS) due to the public health emergency in the country.

Auza explained that the PCR and nasal antigen tests can be performed in laboratories authorized by the National Coordinator of Laboratories and the department’s health services. They have the quality of an affidavit and their falsehood is sanctioned.

He pointed out that a relative can present this laboratory test with a positive result in Human Resources physically or digitally, in public or private institutions, so that the certificate of temporary disability or sick leave can be processed digitally.

He pointed out that if the boxes were presented once by e-mail or a WhatsApp number, the application for a temporary certificate of incapacity for work had to be issued immediately for a period of seven calendar days from the date on which the positive test result was issued. and will immediately send the certificate electronically.

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A new provisional notice of incapacity to work can be issued after consultation with the doctor, he said.

“It is worth noting that the people currently being diagnosed in Covid’s diagnostic centers do not necessarily need to repeat the test in their box, but they will present this positive test to the company’s HR department or institution where they work for them from there initiate the appropriate procedure to give them seven days of sick leave, “stressed the minister.

He clarified that all administrative entities must activate an institutional email or WhatsApp number informing each of their subsidiaries and each of the institutions to which they provide services, so that the application of these instructions can be carried out.


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