Health reports 6% increase in cases and calls for extreme biosecurity measures

Health and Sports Minister Jeyson Auza recommended that the Bolivian people take extreme biosecurity measures with the chin strap, social distancing and vaccinations as the number of Covid-19 cases increased by 6%, week 32 report.

“A slight increase in cases of 6 percent has been reported, and so we take this opportunity to urge all Bolivians to take extreme measures of biosecurity, social distancing, the use of chin straps and hand washing. It’s also important to go to the massive vaccination centers to go to get vaccinated because only then can we think about reactivation, “he said in an institutional bulletin.

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He confirmed that Bolivia had maintained a de-escalation of cases for nine consecutive weeks, according to the 32nd week epidemiological report, which will be considered through Saturday, August 14th.

Auza insisted that the only way to prevent a person from reaching the intensive care unit is to get vaccinated to protect their health and the lives of their loved ones.

“The only way to think about a new normal is to go to the vaccination, vaccination for reactivation. The national government not only guarantees the arrival of vaccines for the entire Bolivian people in the country, but also gives access to the population.” he claimed.

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