Health precludes entry of the 4th wave;  Sputnik V arrives

Deputy Minister for Health Insurance and Unified Health System Administration Alejandra Hidalgo yesterday confirmed the arrival of a new batch of Sinopharm vaccines and a second dose of Sputnik V for this weekend. He has since ruled out a fourth wave of Covid-19 infection in the country.

“According to the data provided by our Minister of Health Jeyson Auza, new doses of Sinopharm vaccine will arrive this weekend, and as for the Sputnik-V vaccine (second component), more than 300,000 doses will arrive in our country and they will be over the PAI is distributed according to the population, “he said in an interview on Bolivia television.

Cochabamba was the first department to run out of its last supply of second doses of the Russian vaccine, and other regions are continuing to apply as scheduled. “In our country, the second doses are still being distributed at the vaccination centers,” he said.

Bolivia began the mass vaccination campaign for high-risk groups on January 29, 2021, and primarily one day after receiving the first batch of 20,000 doses of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V. To date, 51 percent of the vaccineable population received the first dose of the vaccine and 33 percent have their vaccination schedule closed.

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The second dose is used initially in people who received the first component between late April and May 7th.

5 regions advance with the first dose

According to the latest weekly report from the Ministry of Health, five departments exceeded 50 percent of those vaccinated in their target population with the first dose: Tarija (63 percent), Santa Cruz (56 percent), Cochabamba (51 percent), Chuquisaca (51 percent) and Oruro (51 percent ). Meanwhile, Pando saw 48 percent progress; La Paz, 44 percent; Beni, 40 percent, and Potosí, 34 percent.

On the second dose, Tarija leads with 43 percent coverage, followed by Cochabamba (35 percent) and Oruro (34 percent).

Prevention work is permanent in the country

The Ministry of Health, through the Vice Ministry of Health Insurance and Unified Health System Administration, claimed that the fourth wave of the coronavirus had not yet reached the country, despite having indicated that this office was working on prevention to avoid possible complications due to a possible increase the pandemic.

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“According to the reports available to us, the fourth wave has not yet started. We have worked on measures to avoid complications, “said Hidalgo, as the Vice Ministry of Communication reported on his Twitter account.

A week ago, Bolivian Medical College President Luis Larrea estimated that the fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic will arrive in September due to non-compliance with biosecurity measures and agglomeration without distancing. In addition, he warned that hospitals would continue to deal with the disease without the necessary equipment or supplies.

“We are concerned that the fourth wave of the pandemic could be expected. People are not helping to comply with measures, “he said. Epidemiologists also warned against entering a new wave without ruling out the presence of the Delta variant.

In this regard, Health Minister Jeyson Auza called the experts speaking of the arrival of the fourth wave in the country “ominous” and said they would take the necessary measures to contain the infections.


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