Health insurances allow mass vaccination centers from Monday

Short-term social security health funds will open mass vaccination centers with extended hours starting next Monday, Health Minister Jeyson Auza reported.

“Today we have to announce that from Monday each of the administrating institutions (health insurance companies) will open a minimal vaccination center, where they have a regional one that offers their services not only to their insured persons, but also to the uninsured population,” said Auza at a press conference .

Bolivia has the highest number of infections, but has a mortality rate of 0.7%, which is why it is trying to speed up vaccination.

The Minister of Health reiterated that from now on, health insurers must consider setting up multiple vaccination centers in the regions where they offer their services so that the population can have hope.

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“This enables the insured, but also the uninsured, to have a vaccination center at the health department near their place of residence,” says Auza.

For his part, the Director General of the National Health Fund (CNS), Herland Tejerina, confirmed that the administrative units are strengthening the national vaccination plan of the national government to combat Covid-19 with the implementation of 64 vaccination centers nationwide.

“Those 64 points will immunize the insured and uninsured populations. Right now, health sector unity is essential to defeating this global enemy we have,” he said.

According to the CNS, 14 vaccination centers are to be set up in La Paz, 11 of them in the city and 3 in the provinces; in Oruro 11, 5 in the city and 6 in the provinces; Potosi 2; Cochabamba 8, 5 in the city 3 in the provinces; Santa Cruz 9, 3 in the city and 6 in the provinces; Tarija 4, 3 in the city and 1 province; Pando 2 in town, Beni 1, Sucre 1,

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In addition to intermediate cities such as Valle Grande, Camiri, Tupiza, Uncía, Uyuni, Atocha, Camargo, Yacuiba, Riberalta and Guayaramerín.

The Ministry of Health will publish the nationwide vaccination centers on its website. The health insurance companies must also do this in the various departments.


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