Health excludes the use of the third dose of the anticovid vaccine

Health Minister Jeyson Auza this Thursday ruled out a third dose of the Covid-19 vaccines until the first and second doses are given to the population who have not yet received them.

“We have to be clear, we have 5 million vaccines and a large percentage of people who didn’t get the first or second dose. That is our main concern. How can we think of a third dose if we haven’t applied the first or second dose? We have a percentage that has not received a vacuum. Its strategy should be based on these people, ”said Auza at a press conference in Cochabamba after he had signed an agreement with municipalities in the department.

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This morning the Medical College of Cochabamba presented a study suggesting the need for a third dose or a booster dose of the vaccine.

Auza rejected this possibility because the World Health Organization (WHO) did not approve this third dose and even asked those countries with stocks of vaccines to distribute them to other nations that do not have access to biologics.

However, several countries such as Chile, France and Germany have started using a third dose.

“Certainly (the Medical College) has more prominent experts than the WHO, who recommended not to give the third dose, which has requested that these vaccines be sent to other countries that have no doses. We will be consistent with the decisions we make, ”he said.

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He assured him that he was aware of the medical college study and that the government would allow a third dose to be used if the WHO studies suggest it.


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