Health doesn't exclude flu vaccination to avoid

The national director for epidemiology, Freddy Armijo, did not rule out this Wednesday to request a vaccination against influenza in order to avoid cases of “Fluron” (common infection of coronavirus and influenza), as it additionally increases the number of coronavirus infections the Santa Cruz Department on the “association” of the two viruses.

The explosion in daily coronavirus cases in the country, particularly in the Santa Cruz department, which yesterday broke its historic record with 6,047 infected people, is drawing the country’s health authorities to the attention. Armijo was asked by Unitel about the possible causes of this increase in infections related to “Fluron”, as one case was reported in a 65-year-old person.

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“The only way to explain this massive growth in data is by linking two viruses, the coronavirus and the influenza virus, which are getting our attention. We have a meeting with the Cenetrop (National Center for Tropical Diseases), and if so. “In this case, we must also ask the population to get vaccinated against influenza,” said Armijo.

According to Armijo, the country has seen an “unusual growth” in daily coronavirus cases since the last Wednesday of 2021, last week, when the number of infected people in the Santa Cruz department rose from 1,000 to 3,000, 4,000 and now more than 6,000 that have not been reported since the coronavirus hit the country in March 2020.

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With this in mind, Armijo called on the departmental and local governments as well as the Bolivian population to implement programs to combat the coronavirus and strengthen biosecurity measures to prevent infections.

In the Santa Cruz case, it was reported that there was a determination to despise the medical staff and step up vaccination against the coronavirus through mobile guards installed in ambulances.

Bolivia is currently experiencing the fourth wave of the pandemic and broke the record for infected people on Tuesday with 9,242 coronavirus cases.


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