Health does not preclude the anticovid vaccination from being part of the regular vaccination program

Vice Minister of Health Systems Management, Álvaro Terrazas, pointed out that there is a possibility that vaccination against Covid-19 may be part of the country’s regular vaccination program, a situation subject to the behavior of the pandemic.

“Some experts have pointed out that it is very likely that it will be included in the regular vaccination schedule, we hope that it will come in time as long as the vaccines are homogeneously distributed and their accessibility is the same for all peoples of the world.” World, “said Terrazas to

The agency mentioned that this possibility has to do with the country’s position, which is part of the release of patents for making vaccines in laboratories that have the opportunity.

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He added that the marketing cost of the vaccines is higher than the actual cost of production, and hence the importance of releasing patents so that anticovid vaccines and influenza vaccination are regular.


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