Health confirmed that blockages the anticovid vaccination in Santa Cruz and Potosí.  damage

The national director of the Extended Immunization Program (PAI), Max Enríquez, reported this Tuesday that the blockades in Santa Cruz and Potosí are leading to a low vaccination rate against Covid-19.

“These days of unemployment in some cities prevent people from looking for a health center because they cannot move for various reasons that prevent their migration, which has led to a drop in vaccination rates,” he said in an interview with Bolivia -TV.

He stated that an average of 40,000 doses are given each day, but in the past few days it has been over 20,000 doses; This will be detrimental to the achievement of the goals set and therefore the efforts of health workers will be redoubled.

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“Our health is damaged, affected because the work is interrupted, that is, being observed at the vaccination stations, (people) are blocked and cannot reach the vaccination stations,” he said.

He pointed out that as the Ministry of Health, they are pursuing different strategies, such as health fairs in different parts of the country. This Monday and Tuesday they will be in Uyuni, then it will be Yacuiba or other places in the country with low coverage.

“The health fairs are extensive, with all ministerial programs doing the math and vaccination from house to house,” he said.


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