Health advises that WHO has not approved the combination of vaccines

Deputy Minister of Health Insurance and Health Systems Management Alejandra Hidalgo reported that there is no World Health Organization (WHO) approval to complete the immunization of the Sputnik-V vaccine with the use of an immunizer from another laboratory.

Deputy Health Minister Álvaro Terrazas told Los Tiempos that this possibility is being examined in some countries in urgent or emergency situations.

“There is no approval from the World Health Organization (…) the Russian government has mentioned the delivery of the vaccines to the Bolivian government and we are waiting for the second dose,” the authority told the information portal Urgente .bo.

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Vice Minister of Foreign Trade Benjamin Blanco reported that 25,000 second doses of the Russian vaccine are expected to arrive by July 9th.

“At the moment no (there is no way to replace the Sputnik dose with another one), as soon as there is any new news, we will inform you, at the moment the use of the second dose of Sputnik V will be maintained accordingly,” insisted Hidalgo.

For her part, the Head of the Extended Immunization Program (PAI), Peggy Ibañez, reports that once the Russian vaccine arrives, a vaccination schedule will be opened.


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