Antonio Parada's brother is imprisoned in Panama

Guillermo Parada Vaca, a key player in the ghost item case, refused to accept the simplified extradition procedure in Panama, where he is detained, prosecutors in that country reported.

Parada Vaca is facing extradition proceedings requested by the Bolivian state to Panama, a country where he was first arrested and then brought before a judge who decided to preventively transfer him to prison.

Panama’s chief prosecutor for international legal affairs, Agustín Almaro Castillo, told Unitel that the person refused to use simplified surrender or extradition procedures after being heard by members of the Supreme Court of Appeal.

At his first judicial review hearing, Parada did not testify because he was not required to do so under Panamanian law.

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The prosecutor said that Parada’s lawyers had not appealed to demand his freedom.

He said the Bolivian Foreign Ministry’s request was sufficient for his arrest.

Almaro Castillo stated that the extradition would have to be subject to a multi-stage administrative and judicial process. “We are currently in the phase of formalizing the extradition, which means that the requesting country has 60 days to formalize the extradition request.”

“A new hearing will then be convened to obtain an arrest warrant for Guillermo Parada until the extradition process is completed, and then the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will have to decide whether or not to proceed with the extradition request,” he told the national network.

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