Antonio Parada's brother is imprisoned in Panama

In his statement before the Panamanian judiciary, Guillermo Parada blamed his brother Antonio, the former head of the personnel department of the mayor’s office of Santa Cruz, for 17 phantom articles that would have been manufactured by the Saguapac water company.

Guillermo Parada was arrested in Panama City and the judiciary in that country ordered him to be detained for 60 days for extradition purposes.

“Mr. Parada was present at the hearing yesterday accompanied by his lawyer and asked for the floor, which was granted by the judges of the Panamanian Guarantee Court and he refers to the existence of illegal acts, in particular of 17 phantom objects in the company SAGUAPAC and he makes his brother Antonio Parada responsible for the events, “Lanchipa told the media.

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The Attorney General stated that the Public Ministry of Bolivia, the Guarantee Court and the Public Ministry of Panama have been asked to produce the minutes of the hearing which heard Guillermo Parada’s testimony of telling his brother about the illegal activities in Saguapac Antonio Parada accused.

Against the background of the so-called phantom item, after the start of the investigation, the State Department asked Interpol to activate the red notice, and in accordance with this, the report was carried out in Panama to Mr. Guillermo Parada, who undertook a Brazil on the way to the USA at Panama Airport, where he was arrested at Tocumén Airport.

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The agency added that immediately after Guillermo Parada’s arrest, the State Ministry activated the extradition detention request carried out by the State Ministry of Panama and under judicial review by the Panamanian authorities.


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