Government warns against allowing attacks by anti-vaccination agents

Health Minister Jeyson Auza reiterated this Wednesday that anti-vaccination attacks on vaccination sites are not allowed, as happened yesterday in the city of El Alto.

Yesterday a group of people from the so-called Revolutionary Humanist Action who opposed the anticovid vaccination attacked a vaccination post and attacked health workers in La Ceja de El Alto.

In this regard, Auza said the government has not made any regulations suggesting that the vaccine is mandatory, but it has been determined that you must present vaccination card or a negative PCR test to gain access to crowded places.

“The decree requires the card to be presented or otherwise fulfills an obligation to ensure that it is not a carrier of the virus or a new variant that could affect community rights,” said Auza.

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However, he said that “we must vehemently criticize yesterday’s actions. It is not possible that health authorities, who are fulfilling their duties and obligations, are affected by these demonstrations. They have the right to think as they think, but they do not affect the right of those who attend the vaccination center, ”he said.

“We will not allow these events to repeat themselves,” he warned.


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