Government undertakes to reactivate Montero Hospital

Health Minister Jeyson Auza said this afternoon the government was determined to reactivate Óscar Urenda de Montero Hospital and announced that it would invite Governor Luis Fernando Camacho.

“They declare (from the governor’s office) that they don’t have the budget. The national government will see what it does, what action it takes, but it is committed to making the Montero Hospital work, ”Auza told the Santa Cruz media.

“After completing the activities we want to conduct in the department, we will invite the governor to define the responsibilities,” he added.

“There are duties that the government has to fulfill. The third level is the responsibility of the government, ”he added.

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Meanwhile, the Santa Cruz government issued a statement saying that “Constitutional Decision 0008/2021-S4 obliges the central government to operate the Óscar Urenda Hospital (in Montero) and then to hand over its management to the government.”

The department government also announced that “we have repeatedly informed the Ministry of Health in letters and notices that we are fulfilling our responsibility for the recruitment of administrative and auxiliary staff and the payment of basic services for the operation of the hospital”.

The Santa Cruz government noted that the Montero Hospital “has been unable to open its doors because of a lack of hiring health workers and also the provision of necessary medical care, which is the responsibility and responsibility of the central government “. . “

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Camacho, meanwhile, pointed out that “the mayor of Montero has stated that he will accept his responsibility; as the governor’s office, and although we have no budget allocated, we will give him what we have to give him.

The citizens of this community, for their part, warned with a road blockade since midnight this Wednesday to demand the opening, which has been closed for more than six months.


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