Government states that Áñez's health is

The prison regime on Wednesday denied having put former President Jeanine Áñez at risk by transferring her from prison to a hospital in El Alto for a study, and reported that her health was stable despite her family being somewhat indicates otherwise.

After Áñez’s defense denounced the ex-president’s move to the del Norte hospital in the city of El Alto without notifying the family or their lawyers, prison health chief Mariana García said the exit was planned “beforehand”, “To perform a simple tomography on Áñez, following the recommendation of the cardiologist who asked for additional tests.

“In the morning hours, the feasibility of this tomography is confirmed without any risk to the prisoners’ health, which is why it is decided to take them to the North Hospital,” said García.

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The person in charge assured them that they called the children an hour earlier, but that they had not been able to accompany their mother to this study.

García said that Áñez had been studied “thoroughly” and that in order to “avoid fatigue” she was taken to the ambulance in a wheelchair and then returned to Miraflores Prison, where she was held in preventive detention in the event of “coup de condition” is held. .

“We can say that Áñez’s health is stable,” said García.

He added that the results of tests conducted last week are “within normal parameters” and that there is no “significant change” or any factor suggesting that Áñez’s life is “compromised”.

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