Government signs agreements with international freight transport cooperatives under Act 1386

The government through its Economy Minister Marcelo Montenegro; Defense, Edmundo Novillo, for Public Works, Services and Housing, Edgar Montaño, managed to sign an agreement with representatives of the International Freight Transport Cooperatives, consisting of five points related to Law 1386 “National Strategy to Combat the Legitimation of Illegal Profits and Financing Terrorism ”.

After several hours of analysis, the government agencies agreed and committed to: 1) promote the standard to members of the International Freight Transport Cooperatives; 2) the representatives agreed to participate in the preparation of the ordinances of Law 1386 and to “make the necessary adjustments”; 3) Working groups will define the best proposals for regulation and application of the standard; (4) the representatives guarantee the normal development of activities “and do not adhere to pressure measures required by some sectors”; and 5) cooperatives undertake to help restore the country’s economy.

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In this context, the participation of the following leaders and members of the cooperatives, who have expressed their willingness to engage in dialogue in order to reach consensus, is highlighted:

-Grover Pérez, Departmental Association of Transport Cooperatives of La Paz (Fedcotrans)

-Digno Gonzales, Association of the Oruro Transport Cooperative (Fedecotor)

-Enrique Gómez and Iván Soria, Cooperativa Internacional de Transporte Cochabamba Ltda. (Citransco)

-Andrés Bernal, Cooperativa San Cristóbal

-Marcos Main, Cooperativa Mejillones

-Mario Flores and Rómulo Zeballos, Cooperativa 23 de Marzo

-Gregorio Andia and Dominga Choque, Cooperativa 16 de Agosto

-Tito Vengara Ruiz, Juan José Sejas and René Buen Día Estrada, Cooperativa 26 de Agosto

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-Adolfo Campero Espinoza, Ladislao Ríos and Roberto Fernández, Cooperativa Legendarios


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