Immunologist confirms that the use of a third dose of Anticovid should be analyzed

Vice Minister for Promotion, Epidemiological Surveillance and Traditional Medicine, María René Castro, said it was very likely that people under the age of 18 would be vaccinated against the coronavirus in 2022.

“The next dose is very likely (those under 18 will be vaccinated), we are indeed working on the investigation, working with laboratories that make vaccines. We know that Chile recently made vaccination possible for those aged six and over. ” continue with the Sinovac vaccine, “said the authority at a press conference.

The agency recalled that the Sinopharm vaccine is approved in China and the United Arab Emirates for children ages three to 17, as well as Pfizer and Moderna for emergencies between the ages of 12 and 17.

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He stated that as the government, they are meeting with the various vaccine-making laboratories to find out scientific support for vaccinating children under the age of 18 and vaccine availability.

On two occasions, the Departmental Emergency Operations Committee (COED) suggested that the government vaccinate people over the age of 12 to facilitate their return to classroom teaching.


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