Government says protests in Potosí are guaranteed if they are peaceful

The government minister Carlos Eduardo del Castillo said this Monday that protests in the country are guaranteed as long as they take place peacefully and without the destruction of state property, in relation to the march announced by the Potosinist Citizens Committee (Comcipo) and to the national citizens’ summit.

The citizens’ movement is planning a summit to take action after the court decided in October 2019, as part of its October 2019 investigation to suspend the count, to detain former Potosí citizen leader Marco Antonio Pumari for six months.

“The right to protest basically means creating this protest, which does not mean destroying state property, destroying state property, or engaging in any kind of violence against citizens of third parties who have nothing to do with this protest. So if the protest is peaceful, it obviously has every one of the guarantees that it can take place tomorrow or every day, “Del Castillo said at a press conference.

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Compipo called for the great March of Potosinidad this Tuesday, December 14th at 2:00 p.m. after learning of the imprisonment of Pumari, who was taken to Uncía Prison on Saturday evening with preventive detention.

The country’s citizens’ movement will hold a national summit on December 17th to determine the measures they will take to oppose prosecution against Potosí citizen leaders.

After Pumari was arrested, the President of Compipo, Juan Carlos Manuel, and the representative of the Mobilization Committee, Ramiro Subía, went into hiding. In view of this situation, the Ombudsman Roxana Graz is at the head of this institution.

In this context, Del Castillo stated that the Bolivian police had received the arrest warrant for Pumari, which was properly carried out. With this in mind, a large police operation was observed in the city of Potosí last week.

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“The Bolivian police would have received the arrest warrant for Mr. Marco Antonio Pumari, which was properly executed in accordance with all human rights standards, but this is already public knowledge and if there was another arrest warrant it was not properly issued.” notified the police, “said Del Castillo.


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