Government says Comcipo's president escapes justice and may be classified as a refugee

The Deputy Minister of the Interior and Police, Nelson Cox, confirmed this Monday that the President of the Potosinist Citizens Committee (Comcipo), Juan Carlos Manuel, is not missing, but evades justice and can be classified as a refugee.

To deny that Manuel’s alleged disappearance was related to direct action by the government department, Cox confirmed that the ombudsman is being investigated by the department of public relations.

“Mr Juan Manuel, who unfortunately has not disappeared at this point in time, is evading justice, people who have to answer for their actions and who have to obey a summons and who have an injunction, obviously they are evading, it is no coincidence Disappearance is important not only in this case, but in any judicial process, a person who is accused and does not answer the judiciary and flees is an evasion and can also be classified as a judicial refugee in their destiny, “he stated.

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He confirmed that arrest warrants had been issued as part of the State Ministry’s investigation and that the case was more than two years late, a situation known to the people of Potosina.

“This fact has been known for more than two years, the people involved in inciting, causing this harm, riot, persecution against leaders and loved ones are certainly concerned. The ministry has its legal and criminal strategy, it will certainly single out a lot more people, but it will ensure that human rights and constitutional guarantees are respected, ”he said.

Meanwhile, Comcipo chairwoman Roxana Graz said in statements to a Potosí medium this Monday that Compipo President Juan Carlos Manuel and the President of the Mobilization Committee Ramiro Subía are “in good care”.

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“The families (of Manuel and Subía) are in a very unfortunate state, with great concern, but we have information that they are safe and that reassures us, but this political persecution is in the style of drug dictatorships,” said Graz. to El Potosí.

The uncertainty about the whereabouts of Manuel and Subía arose on Thursday night when the police carried out a raid in Compipo. That same night, the police also arrested the former president of the civil organization, Marco Antonio Pumari, who was a “disappeared person”. It was not until the next day that the police reported that Pumari had been arrested and taken to a province of Potosí, although he was being held in the center of the department’s capital.


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