Government: Santa Cruz reaches fourth wave highest peak

Santa Cruz is on the verge of peaking fourth wave Covid-19 infections, said Santa Cruz Government Minister of Health Fernando Pacheco this Sunday.

“We are entering the highest peak, the epidemiological data showed that we would reach the peak of the fourth wave between December 20 and 30,” Pacheco said in contact with Unitel.

The official pointed out that more than a thousand cases were recorded daily for the past few days and advised them to follow biosecurity measures.

Pacheco indicated that he is awaiting the report from the Santa Cruz Departmental Health Service regarding the possible presumable findings.

“We can’t say that by the end of the year we’re going to have huge parties, crowds, loss of control, impossible, we’re more likely to be looking for a near future with no constraints, that’s what we want to achieve,” he said.

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He added that as cases escalated, there was no collapse in intensive care units, nor was the death toll overcrowded. He thought this was vaccinated. Against Covid-19.


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