Government reports that the deadline for submitting a report to the IAHR on Áñez has been extended

Justice Minister Iván Lima reported Thursday that the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) had extended the deadline by seven days to report on Jeanine Áñez’s situation.

On August 31, the IACHR wrote to Foreign Minister Rogelio Mayta requesting information on Áñez’s detention situation and state of health within seven days, as precautionary measures are still being requested.

Lima made it clear that this matter is in the hands of the State Department, but the information available to him indicates that the deadline for submitting the report has been extended by an additional seven days.

“According to the latest information we have from the State Department, an additional request for information from the IAMR has been extended by seven days,” said the justice chief.

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Former President Añez called on the IACHR to give her precautionary protection, believing that her rights are being violated by imprisonment, given her deteriorating health.

Regarding the trip to the United States that Carolina Ribera, daughter of Áñez, made to denounce what had happened with her mother, Lima pointed out that these issues are justice in due process and that you in others Cases Media actions and political action demonstrate stance.

He indicated that Ribera would meet with organizations he believed to be related to his ideological position, although he made it clear that all Bolivians are free to appeal to any authority.

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