Government plans

The government is preparing due to the events before Evo Morales’ resignation on 10 was published yesterday through a series of messages on Twitter.

The Justice Department also reported that 75 cases of alleged corruption were linked “directly” to former interim President Jeanine Áñez, who hit the country eleven months after Morales resigned and the power vacuum left the MAS in the plurinational legislature Mondays ruled.

Áñez has been imprisoned for “Coup I” since March 13, 2021, and then her situation worsened with the “Coup II” case.

His defense is currently waiting for the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) to decide on his delicate state of health so that he can take alternative preventive detention.

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The Justice Department stated on its social network: “The cases must be split up: 1) how Áñez came to power, 2) how it is consolidated with death decree 4078 and 3) how serious acts of corruption are carried out in these that the coup plotters stole the country to have; There are more than 75 processes that directly link Áñez.

Likewise, in a “thread” containing three other reports, the Justice Department has specified the scope of the “Coup I” trials, which have to do with the complaint by former MP Lidia Patty and “Coup II” that the government is promoting the Successor to the president, which led to the takeover of áñez.

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But it also explains a third process called “Coup III, which is still being analyzed” and which targets the people who “have conspired” and “focus on the days leading up to the resignation of former President Evo Morales”.

In the case known as “Coup I” are the military and police chiefs of 2019. In addition, the opposition leaders who took part in the peace dialogue before and after Morales’ resignation.


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