Government orders the application of 2 laws that have been contested

The government is on its way to implementing two laws that have been challenged and criticized by the opposition and the social sector. The first, the Bolivian Police General Careers and Promotion Law, has already been promulgated by President Luis Arce, and the second, the Anti-Corruption Law, is being approved by the Senate.

Anti-corruption law

The Senate Chamber approves Bill No. 207/2020 – 2021 CD Act to Strengthen the Fight against Corruption

According to the designers, the purpose of this law is to strengthen the mechanisms and procedures established by the Marcelo Quiroga Santa Cruz Law, the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Act.

The measures of this law would aim to identify, prosecute and punish acts of corruption carried out by civil servants and former civil servants in the exercise of their functions as well as by natural or legal persons and legal representatives of legal persons under public or private law, at home or abroad committed endanger or impair state resources.

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However, the opposition in the Legislative Assembly has denounced that this law violates constitutional mandates by allowing for absenteeism, wiretapping and corporations because if a board member of a corporation commits a crime, they can lose their legal status.

“Eavesdropping on telephone calls is extremely dangerous for the functioning of democracy,” warned Andrea Barrientos, Senator of the Citizens’ Community (CC).

Under the specific aspects of the amendment to the Criminal Code, it is stated that “the imposition of the penalty for corruption offenses which cause serious economic damage to the state is not carried out”, so that “the statute of limitations” of the penalty is not imposed. Punishment, under no circumstances for crimes against humanity ”.

Right to award doctorates

This norm was opposed by various sections of society during their treatment, including the passive police themselves and the women’s uniformed men’s associations.

The main question is the involvement of the Minister of Government in the organic structure of the command of the institution of order.

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The law stipulates that the police command consists of the government minister, the general commander of the Bolivian police; Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff of the Bolivian Police and NCO of the Bolivian Police.

The opposition warned that this rule would lead to political steering of the institution of order.

Trials of two former ministers

With the Anti-Corruption Strengthening Act, the government ensures the absence of trials against former government and defense ministers Arturo Murillo and Luis Fernando López, as well as other people who have left the country after alleged corruption crimes. When the norm was approved by MPs, Justice Minister Iván Lima announced that Murillo and López would be sentenced later this year.

“Both people (Murillo and López) were declared absent. The process is moving forward. In the event that you relate (tear gas) we will have a sentence this year, we already have all the elements for the indictment, ”he said.


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