Government minimizes unemployment and makes opponents want to influence the economy

The government has minimized the national strike against the illicit profits law, claiming that it is a political measure and is only aimed at harming the country’s economy.

In his first assessment of the citizens’ strike against the illegal profit accounting, Government Minister Eduardo del Castillo pointed out that 95% of the roads in seven departments are accelerated and that normality prevails.

“We have seen that there is absolute normality in almost seven departments and this is a message that the Bolivian people are conveying who want to campaign for reactivation,” he said.

He added that 50 blackout points have been reported in Santa Cruz, but each has between 10 and 20 people. In Cochabamba there are six blocking points and in La Paz a point has been installed in the southern zone with some people who have joined the measure.

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Economy and Public Finance Minister Marcelo Montenegro, meanwhile, reiterated that the work stoppage called for by citizens and opposition politicians this Monday is unfair for those who have to bring their daily livelihoods home.

He recalled that the cessation of activities across the national territory is causing a loss of around $ 112 million a day, which is affecting the rebuilding of the country’s economy, which Bolivians are struggling to face.

“We believe that (the cessation of activities) has a very strong impact, which is not right, it is unfair for those who have to provide food on a daily basis,” the agency told Bolivia Tv.

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The Minister of Justice and Institutional Transparency, Iván Lima, said this Monday that the calls for a citizens’ strike are intended to harm the country’s economy and stability.

In an interview with state media, however, he claimed that the people of Bolivia were following their activities normally on that day, despite the calls for strikes sponsored by the Pro Santas Cruz Committee.

“We have reports from across the country suggesting that right now there is not the spirit of conflict that has been pointed out by some media outlets,” he said.


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