Government is having trouble with the second dose of AstraZeneca and Sputnik

The government announced that a batch of Sputnik-V vaccines will arrive in Bolivia on July 9 to give a second dose to 25,000 people. There’s now plenty of AstraZeneca out there to cover the second dose of those who were vaccinated with the first by mid-May.

It also controls the import of UK-made immunizers. Bolivia will not get this mark from India (it had a contract) due to the health crisis in that country that has closed its exports.

Deputy Foreign Trade Minister Benjamin Blanco said in the Tomorrow is Better program that the country has already received 745,000 doses of the Sputnik-V vaccine since July, 735,000 first doses and 10,000 second doses.

A first batch of 25,000 doses was given in April, he said, so the second dose will need to be vaccinated in July to meet the 90 days between the first and the second.

By the 9th of this month, 25,000 second doses would arrive in the country to immunize the population, 200,000 would arrive on July 18, and another 400,000 by August 15, the government said, based on a preliminary submitted by the supplier country last week Time schedule. The deliveries require approval from the Russian government, said Blanco.

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In an emergency, there will be the possibility of using a different brand for the application of the second dose, which will be tested in other countries, said Deputy Health Minister Álvaro Terrazas.

However, “not at the moment (there is an option to replace the dose of Sputnik V with another),” said Deputy Minister for Health Insurance and Health Systems Administration, Alejandra Hidalgo.

Blanco said it all depends on the studies. “In any case, when there are no studies of combination vaccines, it is very difficult for us to develop a strategy for this,” he said.

Dosage from AstraZeneca

Blanco said Bolivia had signed a contract with the Serum Institute of India to provide doses of AstraZeneca but had not received a single dose due to the health crisis that forced that country to stop exporting.

“The vaccines we received were delivered through the Covax Mechanism, on March 21, 228,000, and they told us that we would be given the second dose in April; however, at that point, India’s exports were cut, ”he said.

For the second doses, he explained, a percentage of the first doses was saved. “We only used 209,000, there is a remainder that we will use as a second dose. Those vaccinated with AstraZeneca in March, April and most of the corn are guaranteed their second dose, ”he said.

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Meanwhile, for the remainder of the second dose, the Covax mechanism guarantees us “a significant amount of vaccines being produced in the UK for August,” he added.

De-escalation is across the country

Health and Sports Minister Jeyson Auza reported yesterday that the country was in the process of de-escalating Covid-19 cases, according to reports from the past two epidemiological weeks.

“This is the second week that we have seen a decline in cases, we are already in a de-escalation thanks to the great efforts we are making,” he said.

He stated that the country reported a 20 percent decrease in epidemiological week 24 and that epidemiological week 25 the decrease in cases nationwide hit 23 percent.

In week 24 only one department had a small increase of 6 percent, but in week 25 “all departments had a decrease in cases” and he emphasized that there was a high need for vaccines.


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