Government has no date of arrival of the second dose of Sputnik V

Despite the announcement of the arrival of a new batch of second doses of Sputnik-V vaccine for the weekend, the amount and date of arrival are not confirmed. Meanwhile, after observing the department’s health services’ strategies, La Paz announced the transfer of brigades to increase vaccination coverage.

“According to the latest announcement, we would receive the second dose of Sputnik for the next few days. However, they have not yet confirmed the arrival of the plane, ”said Deputy Minister for Health Insurance and Administration of the Unified Health System, Alejandra Hidalgo.

The population vaccinated with the first component of the Russian vaccine in May is waiting for their program to complete amid uncertainty and allegations being reported in some health centers. “However, an immunological protection of more than 80 percent is already achieved with the first dose,” said Hidalgo and asked the citizens for patience.

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Deputy Minister for Promotion, Epidemiological Surveillance and Traditional Medicine María Renée Castro reported Monday that nearly 3 million vaccines were available nationwide, blaming sub-national governments for the slow progress of vaccination. The government called for a change in strategy and proposed mobile brigades to achieve herd immunity.

Hidalgo pointed out that “every mayor’s office, every government, must implement strategies, alliances with different companies and institutions in order to reach a larger number of the population.”

In this context, the headquarters of La Paz announced the implementation of a new strategy with health brigades. “The spots where vaccinations are lacking are the so-called rural areas that are furthest from the city of El Alto,” he said.

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Santa Cruz is the one who reports the most cases

This year, the Covid-19 infections in the national territory add up to 490,879 positive and 18,452 deaths, according to official information from the Ministry of Health. While the vaccines given against the virus reach 6,019,660 between the first and second dose, and single doses

According to the epidemiological report, 1,232 patients defeated the virus yesterday and 412 new cases were reported in eight of the nine departments, of which Santa Cruz has 111; Cochabamba, 64; LaPaz, 76; Chuquisaca, 31; Tarija, 77; Potosí, 30; Oruro, 19; Beni, four, and Pando have no new cases.

23 people died that day, while the total death toll is officially 18,452. Recovered patients total 435,704.


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