Government expects Covid-19 infections to decline second week

The Ministry of Health is hoping to confirm in the next few hours a drop in coronavirus infections for the second straight week, higher than the 20 percent reported in the previous epidemiological week number 24.

Vice Minister of Health Systems Management, Álvaro Terrazas Peláez, said over the past few days that they are flagging the daily notifications, saying that while this is good news, it does not mean that biosecurity measures can be relaxed.

He noted that the evaluation is done at the national level and that each department has its own rhythm and on this basis the sub-national governments should step up the massive vaccination campaigns ordered by the Ministry of Health.

He explained that one of the actions subnational governments must take is to set up mass vaccination centers for sectors that are still at risk, such as those over 60 and young people who continue to develop the disease in greater numbers.

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He explained that the ministry is the administrative and regulatory body and the operational part consists of the departmental health services and city mayors who manage the first-level care centers.

The agency emphasized the importance of opening more vaccination centers, since at the beginning of the pilot plans between 7 and 10,000 people were vaccinated per day, but with the introduction of mass vaccinations they increased from 50 to 60,000 vaccination doses per day.

“We need to put in place strategies with the sub-national governments to find other groups that are not being vaccinated because the vaccination centers are not only full or empty, but centers are being set up so that vulnerable populations can be vaccinated,” he told the state channel.

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He made it clear that the immunization is fulfilled not only with the first dose, but with the second, which only begins to develop antibodies after 15 days in order to have the necessary defense and contain the disease and hopefully live normally again, like it was lived before the pandemic.

Terrazas said it currently borders on the limit of 3 million people who received between the first and second dose and 30 percent of the population who received their first dose. However, he recommended not to abandon the biosecurity measures.


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