Government envisages ruling against Áñez in March;  they denounce the pressure

The due process known as Coup II against former interim president Jeanine Áñez and others is expected to end with a conviction between March and April this year. The Deputy Justice Minister estimates that the court will order the opening of the hearing on Wednesday. The defense of one of the concerned parties suggests that this is pressure from the executive branch on the judiciary.

In November last year, the La Paz public prosecutor’s office charged former President Jeanine Áñez with alleged crimes of unconstitutional and unlawful decisions and breaches of duty in the context of Coup II. Eight other senior former military and police chiefs are also charged.

The indictment, signed by La Paz Anti-Corruption Prosecutors Omar Alcides Mejillones and Lupe R. Zabala, refers to Áñez as the former senator who allegedly usurped functions in complicity with members of the military and police high command.

In addition to Áñez, the defendants include former military chiefs Williams Carlos Kaliman Romero, Vladimir Yuri Calderón Mariscal, Flavio Gustavo Arce San Martín, Carlos Orellana Centellas, Jorge Elmer Fernández Toranzo, Jorge Gonzalo Terceros Lara, Jorge Pastor Mendieta Ferzalo and Jarjury Gon Radino.

“It is already charged, we have investigated the matter. In the last few days (…) everyone involved was informed (…) that in three days the deadline for submitting their defense or evidence of defense would have expired; 45 days to start the public and contradicting hearing, ”said Deputy Justice Minister César Siles.

In this regard, the defense attorney for former commanders Terceros and Jarjuri, Eusebio Vera, pointed out that these statements represent interference from one agency into another and that they deliberately steer this process, which is carried out in the ordinary courts.

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“It surprises me that an authority of this quality comes to impose situations that strictly correspond to another state body, that do not correspond, that it cannot address because it is better to leave the judge,” asked the defense attorney of the former commanders .


The deputy minister went much further, however, stating that a first verdict against the former president is expected by next April.

“We believe that the judicial authorities will speed up times and hope that we will have the first judgment against Ms. Áñez in the case of Coup II by March or April this year at the latest,” said Siles.

But attorney Vera pointed out that the deadline had not yet been reached, but that there was pressure to speed up the process.

“That’s pressure. They had already planned to even impose a penalty at the end of last year, at the end of December 2021. However, due to the defensive measures we have taken, this was not possible, ”he said.

Hit I.

In this context, on the occasion of the denunciation of the irregularities in the Putsch II case, Vera reported that for the third time in a row, requests had been made to extend the process of the Coup I against the former Defense Minister Javier Zabaleta, because there are indications and elements of a conviction that make the criminal offense Determine accountability in the events of November 2019.

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“On November 11, 2019, when the authority that appointed him Minister (Evo Morales) resigned, Mr. Zabaleta continued to exercise this function and commanded the armed forces until midnight on November 11 and the first minute of the 12th of the same Month of the year 2019 ”, refers to the monument given by the defense of the former General Terceros and the former Admiral Jarjuri.

“The proposal of November 10, 2019, which was read out at the time, was coordinated with the former defense minister,” said Vera.

Waiting for resolution of cases


The Plurinational Legislative Assembly (ALP) must define the indictments against former President Jeanine Áñez in the coming days or weeks. That is, whether the liability proceedings continue or not.

“A technical report is expected to meet the requirements or not. We understand that the accusing proposals are not just those of Sacaba and Senkata or those of torture (…). The report is supposed to make the process possible, but the situation is transferred to politics and there the ALP has to decide whether the process is appropriate or not, ”says the Deputy Minister of Justice.

In agreement

An EBA procedure is currently running in coordination with the TCP in order to define whether the ordinary or the liability judgment corresponds.


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