Government enacted the Law on Economic Development Plan

The Autonomous University of Tomás Frías de Potosí mobilized this Monday against Law 1407, Plan for Economic and Social Development 2021-2025; however, the executive already announced the rule on November 9th.

The standard has already been published in the Official Gazette with the number of Act 1407, Economic and Social Development Plan 2021-2025 “Reconstruction of the economy for a good life, towards industrialization with import substitution”.

It was announced last Tuesday, November 9th, and signed by President Luis Arce and his Cabinet of Ministers.

The universities, some mayors and governors expressed their opposition to this norm. That Monday, the Tomás Frías Autonomous University in Potosí held a march arguing that the norm violated their autonomy.

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The Autonomous University of Gabriel René Moreno reached an agreement with the government last week; In Tarija, the Autonomous University of Juan Misael Saracho mobilized amid attacks by MAS fighters.

The above mentioned standard has six articles and all institutions at central and sub-national level are obliged to implement and apply it.

“The resources of the general budget of the state are framed in the strategic guidelines of the Economic and Social Development Plan 2021-2025” Reconstruction of the economy for a good life, in the direction of industrialization with import substitution “, says the standard.

The resources of international cooperation must also follow the guidelines of this plan. The Ministry of Development Planning will be responsible for monitoring and evaluating implementation.

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“Only in the case of Autonomous Local Authorities must area plans, community area administration, institutional strategy, public enterprises, comprehensive development strategies and others be prepared or suitable for the Economic and Social Development Plan 2021-2025 ‘Rebuilding the Economy to Life’ Well, on the way to Industrialization with import substitution “, within a period not exceeding one hundred and eighty (180) calendar days, calculable from the publication of this law”, it says in its only additional provision, item II.


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