Government determines need for vaccination card or PCR

Although vaccination against Covid-19 is not mandatory, starting January 1, 2022, citizens visiting certain facilities must present their vaccination card or, failing that, the negative RT-PCR test issued within 48 hours of the advance notice.

The central executive issued the supreme ordinances 4640 and 4641: the first changes DS 4451 and the second determines the implementation of the vaccination card as well as the regulation of the registration, certification and verification of the authenticity of laboratory results for the diagnosis of Covid-19.

DS 4460 specifies that the validity of the measures according to the epidemiological behavior of Covid-19 is until June 30, 2022.

It also amends Article 4 of DS 4451 on “Biosecurity and Prevention Measures” by stipulating mandatory compliance with the use of a chin strap, frequent hand washing, physical distance of 1.56 to 2 meters, avoidance of the use of closed or unventilated spaces.

Card request

Public and private institutions, financial and religious institutions, shopping malls, markets and supermarkets, educational institutions, universities, technical institutes and educational institutions in general, entertainment venues and others where there are metropolitan areas must be requested by the persons: 1. the card of the full schedule vaccination (first and second dose of Sputnik V, Pfizer, Sinopharm, AstraZeneca or others or one dose of Johnson & Johnson or others); or 2. the vaccination certificate for the first dose of one of the aforementioned vaccines, for the people who have not yet been vaccinated when the top regulation appears, and must then, depending on the time interval, the complete vaccination schedule, if applicable, or 3. the negative RT- PCR test issued up to 48 hours prior to entering the facilities and facilities listed in this section.

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These requirements would also have to be required of “interdepartmental air, land, river and rail transport companies that transport passengers inland, they must request people of vaccinable age before boarding”.

It stipulates that “all civil servants, employees of public companies and employees of companies that have a majority stake in the state must present the HR department of their institution: the vaccination card with the full system or with the first dose” “.

But those “who decide against vaccination must pass the negative RT-PCR test, issued up to 72 hours in advance, on Monday of each week, the cost of which will be borne by them, the tests issued by the public subsectors and the shorts” submit Invalid social security. Duration”.

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Issuance of the vaccination card

DS 4641 states that the Covid-19 vaccination card is the official national document that is portable, verifiable, secure and free and certifies that the shelves and residents of the Plurinational State of Bolivia have been vaccinated according to the appropriate vaccination schedule.

The Ministry of Health is responsible for certifying the security and legal validity of the vaccination passport data received from the electronic vaccination register – EIR, which are digitally signed and encrypted.

The document can be generated from the platform of the Ministry of Health and Sport in PDF format or the Unidos contra la Covid mobile app.


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