Government denies aggression against ex-presidents;  Áñez files a complaint for ill-treatment in prison

The Directorate-General of the Penitentiary Service denied that there was aggression against former President Jeanine Áñez in Miraflores prison in La Paz. Meanwhile, the ex-president sent a written complaint to the prison director, Maribel Barrenechea.

“We categorically deny this fact and denounce the attitude of Ms. Áñez, who verbally attacked the police after trying to provide information that the prisoner herself would have requested,” said a statement from the prison regime.

The prison regime assured that they had received the Miraflores prison security report following the public denunciation of Áñez’s daughter Carolina Ribera.

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Meanwhile, Senator Centa Rek published Áñez’s complaint denouncing abuse.

Rek said the incident occurred after Áñez refused to sign a note. “That is violence, torture, intimidation in her fragile situation as a hermit,” the senator mused.

“I am writing to bring you my complaint of ill-treatment that I was subjected to by an officer who asked me to sign a complaint as received,” the complaint said.

Áñez pointed out that the officer “treated her like a criminal and kicked the stove that I have in my room”.


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