Government delays submission of report on Áñez to IACHR

After announcing a week ago that the government would submit the Inter-American Human Rights Commission (IACHR) request on former President Jeanine Áñez’s health before the seven-day deadline, Justice Minister Iván Lima said yesterday that you have seven more to report.

Although Lima did not specify whether it was the government requesting the term extension, the Senator from Creemos Centa Rek confirmed that the request was made by the executive for an additional seven days.

“The state of health that she (Áñez) presents is seriously endangered, her health problems worsening day by day, as is her depressive situation. For these reasons we find this extension unnecessary, it is not right to play with her health in this way, at the risk of losing her life, ”denounced the senator.

The IACHR’s request for information on Áñez’s state of health is the first step the international organization has taken after asking for precautionary measures in the defense of the former president. The new deadline would expire between Thursday and Friday next week.

“According to the latest information available to us from the Federal Foreign Office, an additional request for information from the IACHR has been extended by seven days,” said the head of justice yesterday.

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“Lawsuits are pending and the government and health ministries have taken care of health and safety,” noted the agency, taking the view that “at this point there are no legal arguments for a precautionary measure (for Áñez).”

Letter from Áñez

Shortly after spending six months in prison, Áñez published a letter yesterday to the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, in which he denounced that his prison guards wanted him to die and that he sometimes thought that “( die) is the best solution ”. She also calls for the international community to come to Bolivia and put an end to the abuse of power by Luis Arce’s government.

“My prison guards certainly want me to die in this prison that I write about, and sometimes I think it’s the best solution,” Áñez explains in his letter.

Carolina Ribera, daughter of the ex-president, is in the United States to report her mother’s abuse to international organizations. Yesterday he entered the note that Almagro should receive.

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The former governor informed international institutions that the Bolivian judiciary was at the service of the governments of the time. That is why he asks them to set up a commission that comes to Bolivia and examines the situation of political prisoners.

“Mr Almagro and the international community, this is the moment when you must come to Bolivia and put an end to the pimps of power led by Luis Arce, Evo Morales, along with the entire Masista elite,” he wrote .

You apply to Áñez for the Sakharov

Yesterday the Group of Reformists and Conservatives Europarliamentarians formalized the nomination of former President Jeanine Áñez for the Sakharov Prize, which is awarded by the European Parliament in recognition of freedom of conscience. The European legislator Hermann Tertsch pushed for the nomination.

“This proposal is a success that puts the Luis Arce regime in the spotlight. We hope that Jeanine Áñez will be mentioned, ”said Tertsch in contact with Página Siete.


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