Government attacks Almagro in the OAS and assures that

Bolivian Justice and Foreign Ministers Iván Lima and Rogelio Mayta attacked Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the Organization, at an extraordinary meeting of the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) this Wednesday, whom they accused of political “interference” in Bolivia .

Lima confirmed that the country “strongly opposes” any communication from the Secretary General of the international organization Luis Almagro on matters affecting the plurinational state.

“We ask the OAS Secretary General to continue to commit interventionist acts. Bolivia firmly rejects any communication from the OAS Secretary General,” said Lima in his speech.

In this sense, the Minister of Justice assured that Luis Almagro “represents the pain, death and humiliation of the Bolivians” and accuses the OAS General Secretariat of attempting to interfere with the judicial independence of the state.

In this sense, Lima emphatically expressed the rejection of the declaration made weeks ago by the OAS General Secretariat by the Bolivian government, in which it ratified the results of its 2019 election test – in which it noted “irregularities” in the victory, the then President Evo Morales – and questioned the results of the expertise of the BISITE Deep Tech Lab Research Group of the General Foundation of the University of Salamanca, Spain, which concluded that in the Bolivian elections of. there was no malicious manipulation or fraud two years ago. This document served as the basis for the Bolivian public prosecutor’s office to decide whether to terminate the so-called “fraud case”.

“Bolivia rejects and rejects this statement and has requested this extraordinary advice because of the untruths (of the document) (…) It is certain that the independence of the Bolivian judicial body and the public ministry must be respected by the state and the secretary general “said Lima.

The Minister of Justice also emphasized that the OAS had not complied with the agreement signed with the Bolivian state to hold the 2019 election test.

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He criticized, for example, that Almagro and the General Secretariat had decided to publish a preliminary report “political, tendentious and without evidence” when the agreement signed in 2019 did not provide for the publication of the same.

“The preliminary report was not agreed between the parties,” assured Lima, assuring that this document – published early in the morning of 10 … by then President Morales.

He also pointed out that, despite the errors and shortcomings in the OAS election review, the Bolivian state had complied with the signed agreement and therefore decided to cancel the 2019 elections and hold new elections a year later.

“The report submitted by the OAS is full of flaws, it does not correspond to a technical audit and does not live up to the responsibility assigned,” said Lima in good time to report that the results of this report have been refuted by various international studies.

Lima finally insisted that it was never possible in Bolivia to review allegations of alleged electoral fraud, arrested in 2019 and prosecuted based on the facts of the year.

“We ask the OAS to take care of the fundamental aspects of building a new country that introduces respect for the institutions as a principle. We ask for your respect for our judicial department, ”Lima concluded.


Meanwhile, State Chancellor Rogelio Mayta accused the Secretary General of the Hemisphere, Luis Almagro, of meddling in the political crisis of 2019, of engaging in “racism” and of causing the “collapse of the constitutional order”.

The interpellation session is held virtually. Foreign Minister Rogelio Mayta and Justice Minister Iván Lima attended for the Bolivian state. The national authorities condemned the actions taken by Almagro and the Secretariat for Democracy Strengthening of the General Secretariat of the OAS, which issued a statement on August 9 claiming the binding nature of the review of the October 2019 election procedure.

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“The commitment made by the Secretariat for the Strengthening of Democracy in the Declaration of the 9th Investigations by the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

“This statement is postulated as the only truth (…) it is a grave affront to democracy,” Mayta said of the Declaration of the 9th Computer System, denying that it influenced the October 2019 election process that followed the the exam submitted to the OAS in November 2019 was canceled.

“Why the furious attack on the University of Salamanca and the prosecution, because this report (from November 2019) was one of the triggers of the political crisis because it is responsible for the collapse of the constitutional order,” Mayta said.

During his participation, Mayta defended the prosecutor’s investigation into the 2019 election process, assuring that there was no evidence of the version of the electoral fraud.

“This expert opinion indicates deficiencies, but nothing to support a criminal act or fraud,” he added.

The criminal investigation, which lasted more than a year, concluded that no crimes had been committed, that there was no fraud, he said.

Then he defended that after the parliamentary elections of 2019 and their cancellation, there were new elections in which the movement towards socialism won with a better result than the failed electoral process. And he reiterated that Luis Almagro is against the national government, despite the Bolivian institutions and the election results.

“The General Secretariat should be an articulating body between states, able to create an encounter amid discrepancies and differing views. However, this OAS with Almagro as Secretary General is not for Bolivia and it is with regret that we see that Nor for many of the states that are represented here, ”he said.

“Almagro is now against the government of Bolivia (…) Almagro’s speech is hateful. (…) If Almagro’s actions are not followed up by the institutions, it could be any other state tomorrow,” he concluded.


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