Government after repeal of 1386: “Other ways of socializing laws are necessary;  it's a lesson learned

President’s spokesman Jorge Richter confirmed Wednesday that after the repeal of Rule 1386 of the Illegal Profits Strategy, which was nullified after nine days of protests, a different methodology for the socialization of some laws will be used.

In an interview with Unitel, Richter stated that the government must use a different methodology for “certain specific laws that allow us to socialize if the law is sensitive to certain sectors”.

He claimed that the government was learning the lessons from this conflict.

“What is important is that the lessons are gathered, that it is understood that there is a need to socialize a law in other ways, to get it known and to generate support, and it is a lesson learned from the government” he told the television station.

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Trade unions, transport companies and citizens’ committees, among others, organized a nine-day strike against Law 1386. Yesterday the government overturned the ordinance.

Richter felt it necessary to ponder what it means to “install discursive facts that distort the spirit and scope of a law,” something he believes happened to and did with the 1386 law the 2/3 happened to pass norms in the Legislative Assembly.


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