GIEI describes the events of Sacaba and Senkata as a

The Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI) operating in Bolivia has presented its official report on the events between September and December 2019 in Bolivia. The committee noted that the events in the cities of Senkata (El Alto) and Sacaba (Cochabamba) were “massacres” characterized by the disproportionate use of police and armed forces.

The GIEI noted that the violence that year killed 37 people and “hundreds of people who have suffered serious physical and psychological injuries”. The group included more than 30 proposals in its report calling for reparation for the harm, justice and strategic action to prevent these events from happening again.

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“What happened involves state responsibility through acts of state agents and individuals,” the GIEI report reads.

Patricia Tappatá, representative of the group, stated that the GIE “has no hesitation in classifying the events of Sacaba and Senkata as a massacre” and that it is important that victims of such events “receive justice, reparation for damage and timely attention”. “

On the other hand, Tappatá insisted that when developing its final report, the GIEI did not consider or explain whether there was election fraud or a coup in the country in 2019, and that this did not take into account complaints about other countries in the region “donated” weapons to the transitional government to use in the November 2019 repression.

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“These issues are not part of the mandate we are given,” he said.

Finally, the representative of the GIEI assured that the report was drawn up in complete independence, adding that the document contained a number of recommendations for both the government and the Bolivian people.


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