GIEI calls for measures to recognize the victims of Sacaba.  to promote

The Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI-Bolivia) yesterday presented their final report on human rights violations in 2019 on the Huayllani Bridge in Sacaba. The experts recommended sanctions to those responsible and prohibited the demonstrators from using weapons.

A minute’s silence was observed for those killed in the clashes prior to the presentation of the report.

Patricia Tapattá, a member of the GIEI, was responsible for presenting the chapters of the report. “The report is divided into eight chapters, it contains a lot of data, we interviewed more than 400 people, victims, families of victims, witnesses, officials, members of the police force, ex-police officers, members of the army and a number of people who could bring us information, “he said.

The expert Julián Burger, for his part, made some recommendations related to the events in Sacaba. First, he pointed to the call on the government to implement a comprehensive plan of reparation for all victims of the 2019 events. Second, to create a mechanism to ensure the implementation of the plan with all actors. Third, promote public events to recognize the dignity of victims. And fourth, “the urgency to investigate all rights of victims effectively, comprehensively and with information in order to ensure a process and even sanctions against those responsible for the acts of violence documented in the report,” he said. .

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For his part, investigator Juan Méndez synthesized the context of the events in Huayllani in 2019 and ruled out the use of weapons by the demonstrators.

“The investigation showed that the Bundeswehr troops were heavily armed. Nine people were killed in the shooting and a tenth was seriously injured, leading to their death in June of the following year, ”he said.

The Action Report of the Armed Forces Team Leader (FFAA), presented to the State Ministry on December 12, 2019, on the military intervention during the conflicts in Huayllani on December 15, reflects that the military carried no lethal weapons.

It also reported that the GIEI “found no evidence that the protesters used firearms or threatened the lives of other protesters, the police or the armed forces present”.

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Méndez said they were investigating various hypotheses, including the complaint that the shots were taken by the mobilized themselves, “but with all the evidence we demystify much of what has been said about the shooting between protesters in both Sacaba and Senkata” , he added.

On November 15, 2019, 10 people died in Sacaba after clashes between law enforcement officers and demonstrators. There are at least seven accused in the case.

They demand the extradition of López and Murillo

The former police sergeant Ismael Marquina received the GIEI report in Sacaba and, with the support of those present, requested the extradition of the former ministers Arturo Murillo and Luis Fernando López.

“We want to ask our authorities to extradite Murillo and López and bring them to justice in our country. We were patient, we didn’t hinder the investigation, ”he said.

Murillo is currently incarcerated in the United States and is charged with laundering corruption funds in the purchase of tear gas. López is in Brazil.


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