Ghost objects case: Percy Fernández was able to testify from home

Prosecutor Javier Cordero reported that after hearing the Institute of Forensic Investigations (IDIF) report qualifying former Santa Cruz Mayor Percy Fernández as a testimony, he is being subpoenaed as a defendant in the ghost property case. The authority made it clear that the commission of the public prosecutor’s office will drive to your home if necessary.

“It will be in the next few days that Mr. Percy Fernández will be summoned to appear before the prosecutor, or the opposite – given Mr. Fernández’s age and the impossibility of appearing here (prosecutor) – it will be In A prosecutor’s commission will be formed at his residence to hear his informative statement,” Cordero said.

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The prosecutor clarified that in the event of a visit to the home of the former mayor of Santa Cruz, prosecutors will be accompanied by staff from the Institute of Forensic Investigations.

Angélica Sosa, former interim mayor, stated that Fernández was the only one who signed the memorandums of appointment.

New forensic examination of Percy

Yolanda Aguilera, who is part of the prosecutor’s commission investigating the Ghost Items case, spoke to El Deber about it Disputing the IDIF report filed by Percy Fernández’s family.

“You can ask for a psychiatric expert to be executed, but that will happen during the investigation. That doesn’t prevent Percy from being summoned to testify (…) That was answered at the memorial,” he reported.

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