Ghost Items Case: Sosa's appeals suspended

The appeal hearing for the preventive detention of former mayor Angélica Sosa in the case of ghost objects was suspended this Thursday because the minutes do not indicate who requested the court sentence to be overturned.

The information was released by Jerjes Justiniano, an attorney for the former Santa Cruz agency, in statements released by the New Homeland Network.

“It was suspended because the record does not specifically state who lodged the complaint, when the record says in general that everyone lodges a complaint and at the hearing that all the subjects of the proceedings were there they told him that they lodged a complaint have.” he hinted.

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All subjects of the investigation appealed the decision of anti-corruption judge Juan José Quiroz; but, presumably due to poor wording in the hearing transcript, it does not detail who is appealing, so it was decided to adjourn this hearing to allow the appropriate correction to be made.

According to the report, the Third Trial Chamber has not yet set a new date for the appeal hearing; However, the former agency’s defense will request that this be done as soon as possible.

Sosa is being held in preventive detention at Palmasola Prison for his alleged involvement in the ghost objects case in the municipality of Santa Cruz. The aim of this hearing is to enable him to defend himself in freedom.

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