“Ghost” article: Prosecutors plan to open a case to investigate the legitimacy of illicit gains

The coordinator of the prosecutor’s commission of the “ghost” case, Javier Cordero, expects another case to be opened on the criminal nature of legitimizing illegal profits, with the aim of investigating the funds flowed through irregularities detected in the municipality of Santa Cruz.

He noted that the new trial would involve relatives of those currently under investigation.

“In this case a lot of money has flowed, they have in this case laundered assets by making investments etc. So this fact opens up another process of legitimizing and illicitly enriching currently involved strangers such as family members, uncles, aunts, relatives, Cousins, mothers, fathers, etc.,” Cordero explained in an interview with ERBOL’s La Mañana en Directo program.

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In the case of “ghost items,” the investigation investigates irregular payment to people who posed as Santa Cruz Mayor’s Office officials without actually working at that facility. The main person involved is the former head of

Human Resources, Antonio Parada, but there are other subordinate former officials, such as former mayor Angélica Sosa.

Prosecutor Cordero indicated that these ongoing investigations are likely to be completed in the coming days or weeks. He noted that progress had been made by 50% to 60%.


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