Gassing and tension in La Paz;  The La Paceñidad Assembly decided to maintain the constant mobilization

The meeting of La Paceñidad, which took place in the town hall with 120 representatives of social organizations, decided to maintain the “state of emergency and permanent mobilization”. While he was outside the office of the Mayor of La Paz, threats of confrontation between members of the MAS and groups in favor of the gathering were reported. The police have gassed the place at least three times, local media reported.

The assembly decided that Monday to hold a “grand march” on Wednesday to call for the repeal of Law 1386, the reinstatement of two-thirds in the plurinational legislative assembly, and the repeal of other norms not consulted.

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The second demand of the Grand Assembly is to restore two-thirds of the plurinational legislative assembly, “as a democratic guarantee that allows the country to use consensus laws rather than arbitrary imposition by a dictatorial government.”

Meanwhile, the third demand from the 120 La Paz organizations is the repeal of a package of norms aimed at “political persecution” and “attack on private property in La Paz”.

The gathering also opposed the actions of “paramilitary” groups who violated the right to protest against these norms last week. She also decided to “maintain the state of emergency and constant mobilization until all demands have been met”.

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Some of those who opposed the La Paz gathering threw eggs and paint on the building, which provoked a reaction from those who supported the gathering.


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