They reveal that García Linera has threatened third parties with

The opposition parties and Jeanine Áñez carried out the alleged “coup” in November 2019 to “murder and get rid of” the image of then President Evo Morales, said former Vice President Álvaro García Linera.

In statements to the Argentine radio station CUT, García Linera assured that there were several documents and revelations that dismantle the “falsehoods and narratives” of the constitutional succession.

“This lady (Jeanine Áñez) came to assassinate, kill and get rid of the character of Evo Morales because she wanted to represent the Indians, the awakening of the humble people, the farm workers, the union, the small producers and the neighborhood neighbors drag him (Evo Morales) out of the people’s house and hang in the square if they catch him, ”he said.

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The former vice president also confirmed that the Áñez government had gone out to burn the Wiphala and murder the people who opposed the alleged coup, “with a racist and fascist counter-offensive sponsored by conservative sectors in Bolivia”.

García Linera also claimed that the “radical groups” in Latin America and the world were re-articulating and “ready to kill”.


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