Frustration and sadness, Lake Uru Uru is filling up with plastic again

The lack of measures against pollution has resulted in Lake Uru Uru, which was declared a Ramsar site in 2002, back with plastic and rubbish a few months after a massive cleanup campaign that removed tons of debris from its banks has filled up.

“It is a terrible frustration and disappointment”, “unfortunately no further action was taken”, “only the cleaning was carried out and (everything) was left there,” said the activist of the Center for Ecology and Andean Peoples of the EFE agency this Thursday, obtained by Oruro Limbert Sánchez when we have the information.


The onset of the rainy season has exacerbated the situation as the water has saturated the canals that cross the city of Oruro and flow into what is known as the Tagarete River, a type of open water canal connected to the Uru Uru.

Sanchez said thate “There are hundreds and thousands of plastics”, These are mainly bottles of lemonade and soft drinks that have reached the place and “full” the canal with rubbish entering the lake.

This activist, along with others, carried out a cleanup in mid-May and warned that the rubbish is again filling the edges of the water table that was recovered at the time and that it is now “very difficult” to clean it manually because of the moisture.

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“This advance in plastics is sure to continue,” said Sánchez, who fears that by February and after Carnival, a time when the rubbish produced by Oruro is much larger, the situation will resemble that of April again. when the Uru Uru became a huge garbage dump.

If all the garbage doesn’t reach the lake, it is because “more than thirty dead dogs” have accumulated in the canal, which is a kind of “dike” that stops the garbage for the moment and everything creates “a very strong smell” . and plague, assured.


In April of this year, the pollution of the lake reached such an extreme that a major cleanup campaign was carried out, with the intervention of the Mayor of Oruro, the government and dozen of volunteers who collected tons of rubbish.

“After the community was cleaned up, measures that could enable prevention were not continued.” like installing grilles to keep the water from dragging the plastics away, Sánchez said.

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In addition to They continued to pour “acidic water” into the lake that came from the work of a mine in the north of the city, because bottles and plastic are yellowish in color, he noted.

The Uru Uru and its neighbor Poopó were declared Ramsar Areas in 2002, a convention on wetlands of international importance because of the biodiversity that is home to about 76 species of birds and 120,000 flamingos of three of the six species that exist in the world.

Due to the effects of climate change, the Uru Uru, a lake a little over five feet deep and about 214 square kilometers in the rainy season, is losing much of its volume where fish like Silverside, Karachi used to be abundant, and mauri.

The degradation of this area, located three kilometers from Oruro, in the middle of the Bolivian highlands, has reduced the fishing activity and tourist flow that has been characteristic for decades.


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