From underground, the President of Compipo questions the government and denounces the persecution

From the underground, the President of the Potosinist Citizens Committee (Comcipo), Juan Carlos Manuel, broke the silence and sent messages to his family, the Potosinos and to President Luis Arce in an interview with Erbol.

Manuel has been in hiding since the night of Thursday 9 December when police carried out a night raid on Compipo looking for leaders.

The President of Comcipo, who avoided disclosing his whereabouts, criticized the police for raiding the civic establishment as an operation of this magnitude. He believed that the police operation was carried out simply because the citizens disagreed with it or did not think the same thing as the government.

Manuel denied allegations against him that he was responsible for damaging a police patrol and forming strike groups. He also denied that he intended to confront the farmers who had mobilized against the multisectoral strike in December.

He assured him of his clear conscience, but rejected the allegations made against him because he considered them to be a “falsehood” organized by the government.

He argued that he is the subject of political persecution, which he believes was unleashed for Compipo ‘s involvement in defending Cerro Rico against mining operations above the 4,400 mark and for encouraging councils to question the electoral roll.

We believe that this really worries the government, they don’t want the Bolivians to know about the elections, whether there was fraud or not, ”said Manuel in an interview with the La Mañana en Directo program.

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“We can no longer be a backward division, it hurts them that we come out with the thought of demanding justice for Potosí,” he added.

He announced that he was in Potosí at the time of the operation, but that he was under civil protection.

Manuel said that even his family did not know his whereabouts, as this information could lead to the government persecuting him.

“Not even my family knows at this point, they do not know where I am. I have not communicated with my son, nothing, because I know that even the phone has to be tapped. I know that there are surveillance in my area should be “home so I can be with you and expose you to the danger of being followed,” he said.

Despite all this, the President of Comcipo assured that he would continue his activism as he cannot turn a blind eye to what is happening in the country.

Confirm that it is okay

In a message to his family and the residents of Potosí, Juan Carlos Manuel said that he was fine.

“Brothers, children, be quiet, I’m fine, thank God I’ve got good people to take care of me,” he said.

However, he revealed that he is trying to avoid contact with his son, who is a police officer and lives in Sucre. In the past few weeks it had been rumored that Manuel’s son in the Order had been intimidated.

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Although he is fine, the leader regretted that due to this situation he could not have any economic income.

He said that in order to reappear, the warrant he had against him would need to be resolved, but he also hoped that the complaints about what he believed to have been illegal activities would be successful.

Words for maple

The President of the Comcipo denied that he wants to “turn off” Luis Arce from the presidency. He said the population could not afford the “luxury of overthrowing governments” and voting all the time because money was being spent by the same people.

He accused Evo Morales of being the one who wants to “overthrow Luis Arce”.

“We’re not trying to extradite him, it’s completely wrong, I repeat here that the one who wants to turn around is Mr. Evo Morales, along with all of his Juntucha that he has got used to, just to live. “he said.

He argued that if Arce were smart, he wouldn’t “kneel” in front of Morales and say, “I’m going to serve my people and stop fooling around, and that’s it, I can deal with this situation.”

He also voiced criticism of politicians in general. He even confirmed that Jeanine Áñez’s government was the same as that of the MAS, given that it ignored Potosí, corruption and political persecution. He called on young people to organize themselves to take a leading role in politics.


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