Free transport drivers are demanding a vaccination against Covid-19 and rejecting anti-vaccines

Free movement leader Limbert Tancara on Wednesday urged users to immunize against Covid-19 and opposed the sectors that encourage non-vaccination. According to the representative 95% of this sector are already vaccinated with the first and second dose.

“If we want to stop the increase in cases, the driver not only has to have his vaccine, but all of them (…). Since we are on the move all day, the user drives an hour or” back half an hour and it can also be a carrier; Because of this situation, it is necessary that we are all vaccinated, ”he told reporters.

He said 95% of those in the sector were “satisfactorily” vaccinated with the two doses, and in many cases they are waiting for the third injection in order to provide a safe service to the population.

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“We respectfully reject the criteria of the sectors that are currently mobilizing or heralding some kind of mobilization that provides hours of repeal of the supreme ordinance on biosafety measures, is inconsistent or already has other ends,” politicians “we condemn” said he.

He added that sector leaders are monitoring key biosecurity measures and vaccination card or negative PCR test at vehicle stops so as not to contribute to the increase in new infections with COVID-19.

“Mobility that does not have biosecurity measures, that does not have a vaccination certificate, does not provide the service, the roadmap (according to the circulation) is not granted,” said the guide.

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In December 2021, the government issued Supreme Decrees 4641 and 4640 to extend the validity of the nationally established biosecurity measures against Covid-19 until June 2022 and to introduce the vaccination card as an official document.

Actions have been taken to protect the health and life of the population and strengthen vaccination protection with a full program against COVID-19, according to data from the Ministry of Health and Sports.


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