Franklin Flores testifies against Áñez, claiming that there was an

Former deputy and current manager of Emapa, Franklin Flores, appeared this Thursday to testify in the case called “Coup” in an attempt to support the version that there was an “illegal seizure of power” in 2019.

Flores was summoned as a witness this Thursday as part of the trial of Áñez for unconstitutional decisions and breaches of duty.

She asserted that there was an “illegal seizure of power” in 2019 because Áñez declared himself president of the Senate without a meeting in order to later be named president.

Áñez was the second vice president of the Senate and took over the presidency of the state in 2019, arguing that the president, vice president, presidents of the chambers and the first vice president of the House of Lords resigned.

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Flores noted that the Legislative Assembly’s rules state that a member’s resignation must be considered rejected or accepted in session, but this was not the case when Áñez took over the presidency.

“She has declared herself president and nothing else,” emphasized the manager of Emapa, in order to point out in good time that there was an interruption of the constitutional order and a “coup” in 2019.

He added that at the time, MAS lawmakers were also prevented from reaching the Legislative Assembly, while those who supported Áñez were supported by law enforcement officials.


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