FPSTC condemns that 2019 press attacks go unpunished

After the report by the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts confirmed that the press fell victim to aggression, attack and destruction in the 2019 conflicts, the Federation of Press Workers of Cochabamba (FSTPC) condemned the impunity of the authors and requested the GIEI to publish the recommendations for the sector.

According to the report, there were numerous cases of verbal and physical attacks on journalists between September 1 and December 31, 2019. Media headquarters – newspapers, radios and television stations – have also been attacked and attacked. Destruction “.

It also noted that the perpetrators were “both the police and the armed forces and the demonstrators themselves, divided into those who denounced possible election fraud and those who claimed to have been subjected to a coup d’état “.

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It also suggests that “female journalists suffered injuries in a distinctly sexist tone, on top of complaints against all press agents.”

The FSTPC issued a statement recalling that dozens of press workers in Cochabamba were victims of physical, verbal, thrusting and spitting attacks in 2019.

The Federation noted that the press was “a victim of the crossfire between organizations affiliated with the Movement to Socialism (MAS) and the Cochala Youth Resistance (RJC) that denied local territory and sowed terror”.

He recalled that “all criminal charges filed with the State Ministry against the perpetrators and those responsible for the attacks on the press have been rejected and the charges have gone unpunished.”

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In this context, she welcomed the GIEI’s recommendations that the Bolivian state should “strengthen institutional, administrative and judicial guarantees to protect freedom of the press and the free and safe exercise of journalistic activities”.

He also stressed that the GIEI had requested the creation of a non-governmental body to provide legal, administrative and psychological support and assistance to journalists whose rights could be violated.

“The FSTPC and its affiliates agree with the international report and urge the current authorities at all levels to follow the recommendations of the GIEI on the press,” concluded the press union panel statement.


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